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Sunday, June 13


Controversial Commando Wins Iraq Contract
Occupation authorities in Iraq have awarded a $293 million contract effectively creating the world's largest private army to a company headed by Lieutenant Colonel Tim Spicer, a former officer with the SAS, an elite regiment of British commandos, who has been investigated for illegally smuggling arms and planning military offensives to support mining, oil, and gas operations around the world. On May 25, the Army Transportation command awarded Spicer's company, Aegis Defense Services, the contract to coordinate all the security for Iraqi reconstruction projects.
So much for Iraqis taking control of their own security. Lots more in the article written by Pratap Chatterjee as a Special to CorpWatch.

There's a conference of suppliers, Iraq Procurement coming up on November 24, 2004 in Jordan. Aegis Defense Services will be participating.


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