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Tuesday, March 25

666 days to go

Anyone else weirded out that today there are 666 days left in this administration? Freaky since it coincides nicely with a war in Iraq. Iraq is located in the Cradle of Civilization thought to be the origin of the Garden of Eden. Shock and Awe also has another meaning and unfortunately, its religious. President Bush is a born again Christian since he swore off drinking for Christ. The symbolism may not have been lost on hawkish advisors or Bush Jr. Certainly those fervently praying for the end times must be pleased. Jesus is just around the corner ready to take them up in the rapture. I'm just not so certain that Jesus had it in mind to kill people to expedite the process for his return. I was always under the impression he died on the cross for us sinners. I don't think he wants us sinning even more than we already have--for him. But what do I know? I'm not a theologian or a bible scholar. I'm just a news junkie.

Aries: You can feel a wave of exuberance wash over you, and although it may feel refreshing, it also feels out of place. You know that you should be more serious about everything now, as these are serious times. But there is an irrepressible feeling building within you that it’s all going to work out for the best. Let events take their own course.

Happy Birthday Mummy.


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