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Wednesday, March 26

up, up, down, up

So what are gas prices like in your neck of the woods? Regular gas at my local station was a bit down from its high of 2.59 last Tuesday to 2.33 a gallon today. I filled up the tank. These days it's probably best to read the latest news before making a trip to the pump.

How did we get here? It seems as if our world has only two wells: oil and power. The power to control the oil as well as the power the oil actually creates.Its amazing how much wasted energy there is behind those three words: oil and power. Shouldn't we be conservative with both our oil and our power?

Oil for power is more than just fuel for my little pick up truck's engine. If the war in Iraq has nothing to do with oil, then why are the gas prices fluctuating so much? Some say that's just a symptom of war. But all of our recent wars have certainly been about power. And power and its control are oil driven. Would we fight the same wars for control over energy from the sun?

The deeper down I go into the wells of oil and power, the more I wonder and worry, where will the next war be? And when will water be next?


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