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Thursday, April 10

lucky for us Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute is so happy he's glowing. AEI was the site of the big kickoff party to launch the war. The one where the hawks in Washington were toasting to their success. Why have a victory party before a war even starts? Because it was all about getting to have their war, not about the outcome. They now can have a war where ever they want, when ever they want and no one is going to stop them.
Emboldened by the U.S. military's apparent quick rout of Iraqi forces, conservative hawks in America are setting their sights on regime change in Iran and Syria.

"It's time to bring down the other terror masters," Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute wrote on Monday -- two days before U.S. troops swept into the heart of Baghdad -- in a piece entitled Syria and Iran Must Get Their Turn.

"Iran, at least, offers Americans the possibility of a memorable victory, because the Iranian people openly loath the regime, and will enthusiastically combat it, if only the United States supports them in their just struggle," he added. "Syria cannot stand alone against a successful democratic revolution that topples tyrannical regimes in Kabul, Tehran and Iraq."
Lucky lucky us.

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