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Monday, April 14


Lately, the emphasis here at bpost has been on research into think tanks, government contracts, corporate profiles and foreign policy. In addition to using search engines, here are some helpful sites for finding information on the web:

Corporate Research Project has a section on how to do basic research of corporations on the internet with links to useful sites.

Hoover's online maintains a list of short company profiles

News Followup includes links to sites as well as a list of watchdog groups. is a useful political reference tool to find government committees, departments, etc. It's a good place to start if you're not sure which department you are looking for.

Public Services international Research Unit maintains a list of corporations and their information including boards of directors.

Also in our links to the left:

google is a bpost favorite and search engine extraordinaire. They also just bought blogger.

Way Back Machine for finding a web page that no longer exists. If you have the complete url, include the http://, enter it in the box and see if they cached it for you.

Coop Research is always a good starting place for research on anything relating to public policy.

Disinfopedia is a collaborative on-line dictionary and encyclopedia. Know something about something? You can contribute and even correct the Disinfopedia.

Infobel has telephone directories to choose from. Great for verifying an address or phone number and the AT&T anywho allows you to search with very imited information.

Public Research allows you to search by name. See what turns up on a public figure. It's limited but helpful.

Arabic Translation from English and Arabic to English, Tarjim Ajeeb is a pay based subscriber service with links to popular Arab language sites.

Babel fish translation is a great tool to use for translation. It can handle portions of a page or just copy and paste text into the translation box.

Geek Tools is a good way to do a reverse look up to see who is behind the website you just stumbled on. Click on the teeny tiny Who is in the upper right hand corner. Enter the url, not including the http://www., into the box and see who is paying the bills at the site.


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