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Friday, April 11


A brief pause in our regularly scheduled exploration of think tanks to look at a timeline of events that lead up to the current war in Iraq. The timeline is based on articles and information available online. Money plays a very large part in what you are about to review.

In some cases, the event is nothing more than a reference in a sentence or an off the cuff remark. Since there has been quite a bit of attention to Halliburton in the news, many of the events surround this company.

Taken together, they provide a look at the preparations and planning involved by the Bush administration.

For an in depth review of the politics that lead to the war from 1992 to today, please see the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


January 20, 2001 George W. Bush is sworn into office as the 43rd President of the United States of America

April 9, 2001 President George W. Bush is said to have empowered three administration working groups to think hard and devise one more new and improved U.S. policy on Iraq. Jim Hoagland Now an Iraq War in Washington Washington Post

September 11, 2001 Four passenger planes are hijacked, two are flown into the World trade Center in New York City, one into the Pentagon, one is found in a field in Pennsylvania.

October 7, 2001 US and an international coalition begin bombing strikes in Afghanistan

December 21, 2001 An interim government is sworn-in in Afghanistan

December 2001 Halliburton is awarded a 10-year contract from the Pentagon to work with the U.S. government in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, and other countries. Jeff Fischer Halliburton Charges into Iraq Motley Fool

January 29, 2002 In his first State of the Union address, President Bush says Iraq, Iran and North Korea constitute an "axis of evil". Transcript

February 8, 2002 The White House has left little opening for Iraq to remove itself from George Bush's "axis of evil", saying that even if Baghdad readmits United Nations arms inspectors, the United States will still pursue a "regime change" policy, with or without the support of its allies. Gay Alcorn Nothing Saddam does can save him, says Powell Herald

February 8, 2002 The New York Times has reported that the CIA has no evidence of any Iraqi terrorist operations against the US in almost 10 years. Gay Alcorn Nothing Saddam does can save him, says Powell Herald

March 23, 2002 Department of Defense begins planning campaign to invade Iraq from a statement by General Tommy R. Franks, the Commander in Chief of the United States Central Command. Stephen Fidler How long has war been in the cards Financial Times

March 25, 2002 NBC begins construction in secrecy to send live, broadcast-quality video from moving vehicles at the war front in Iraq. David Lieberman NBC hopes big investment in news coverage pays off usa today

July 2002 The US with British backing has blocked $5.4 billion worth of humanitarian supplies to Iraq. Blair’s press conference: lies and self-delusion WSWS

September 2002 Boots & Coots of Kellogg, Brown & Root begin negotiations with the American government over coming to Iraq to douse oil well fires. Andrew Buncombe The priority here is clear: Oil comes before people Independent

October 30, 2002 The US State Department pushes back to December its planned meeting with Iraqi opposition leaders on exploiting Iraq's oil and gas reserves after a US military offensive removes Saddam Hussein from power. US sets meeting on exploiting Iraqi oil after Hussein Oil & Gas International

November 2002 Kellogg, Brown and Root asked by the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop a contingency plan for extinguishing oil well fires in Iraq. US army under fire over Iraqi oil firefighting contract AFP

January 31, 2003 Eight civilian contracts for the postwar reconstruction of Iraq are tendered by USAID reportedly valued at more than $900 million. US awards contract to manage, rebuild Iraqi port at Umm Qasr AFP

February 9, 2003 KBR Government Operations, a unit of Kellogg Brown & Root, the construction unit of Halliburton Co., runs ads in the Chicago Tribune seeking employees in several fields to work in the "Central Asia region," including mechanics for M1 Abrams tanks and M2/3 Bradley armored fighting vehicles. CNNmoney CNN

February 21, 2003 International Resources Group awarded $7.1 million personnel contract. US awards contract to manage, rebuild Iraqi port at Umm Qasr AFP

March 8, 2003 Kellogg, Brown & Root contract for extinguishing oil well fires awarded. US army under fire over Iraqi oil firefighting contract AFP

March 19, 2003 US and UK forces begin air strikes on Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom

March 24, 2003 Halliburton is awarded a U.S. Defense Department contract to rebuild Iraq's oil production infrastructure. Boots and Coots Intl Well Control Incubspainewebber

March 24, 2003 Stevedoring Services of America awarded $4.8-million contract to manage the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr. US awards contract to manage, rebuild Iraqi port at Umm Qasr AFP

March 25, 2003 Boots & Coots International Well Control Inc. announces it has been hired to fight oil well fires in Iraq and supply well control services. Boots & Coots International Well Control Inc ubspainewebber


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