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Friday, June 13


Ok. Now we are really confused. The New York Times ran an AP article Army Backtracks on Halliburton Contract yesterday.
The total as of last week was $184.7 million, up from $76.7 million a month ago, shortly after the assigned work expanded significantly.
So what exactly did Halliburton do to rack up $107.9 million?

Company Kellogg, Brown & Root (subsidiary of Halliburton)
Award $7 billion cap (cost plus 7% contract) paid by Task Order
TO 6+ $ 107.9 million
Agency USACOE/Unknown
Pre-planning November 2002
Date of RFP
Date of Award March 8, 2003
Date of additional work order(s) between May 4 to June 12
Nature of work Additional work - unknown


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