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Wednesday, November 12


iTnews Australia reports in Multiemedia bags $40m Iraq satellite contract by Byron Connolly that Australia's Multiemedia and UK's Transcom have secured a $40 million dollar contract to provide two way satellite services in Iraq. The US military is funding the contract.
The US military would be charged each month based on the amount of bandwidth that is used by the soldiers. "The need for services in that region is immense," said D’Alberto.

Transcom would be running a network operations centre from the UK which would monitor the satellite service and set up the clients, D’Alberto said.

Initially, the service would be rolled out at 20 locations at a cost of $5 million, but would eventually scale to 200 locations, D’Alberto said.
Interesting side note: Multiemedia also provides services to The Central Bank of Iran and The Iranian Embassy.

Company Multiemedia & Transcom
Subcontractors New Skies
Award $40 million
Agency US Military
Date of RFP
Date of Award October 19-23, 2003 (date of GITEX 2003 in Dubai)
Nature of work To provide two way satellite services in Iraq.
Multiemedia bags $40m Iraq satellite contract
by Byron Connolly
iTnews Australia
November 12, 2003


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