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Wednesday, December 3

news and loss

Another article that mentions a contractor killed in Iraq. There should be a more polite way to learn about contracts in Iraq than thru the obituaries of employees.

This time, the company mentioned is Titan Corp. Unknown if they are related to Ft. Lauderdale based Titan Maritime who did subcontractor work for Bechtel early on.
Gordon Sinclair, a former member of the Army's elite Special Forces, was killed two days before his 56th birthday. He was a senior manager for Titan Corp., a San Diego company that provides communications services and products.
See Oviedo man killed in Iraq crash served military even as retiree by Gary Taylor and Jim Leusner in the Orlando Sentinel. Sinclair was working as a "linguistics expert for a civilian contractor in Iraq."

The article also mentions that Titan Corp is soon to be owned by defense contractor Lockheed Martin.


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