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Tuesday, June 17

what's up

The U.S. Agency for International Development will pay the Army Corps of Engineers $3 million under an existing contract to keep track of Bechtel National Inc.'s $680 million construction contract over the first year
Company USACOE
Award $3 million
Agency USAID
Date of RFP
Date of Award June 12, 2003
Nature of work To keep track of Bechtel National Inc.'s $680 million construction contract over the first year

The U.S. Department of Commerce has prepared a Quick Glance Chart for U.S. businesses on contracts awarded for Iraq reconstruction. The Chart provides information on U.S. Government contracts awarded to date and links to Prime Contractors and Subcontractors.

Funding Summary #49 is out at the USAID. Visit the USAID for link to pdf file and other info.

Watch the USAID site for a webcast of the June 17th Pre-bid Conference on the Agriculture Reconstruction and Development for Iraq (ARDI) RFP The RFP is available at: FedGovBiz

The June 13, 2003 CENTCOM News Releases/ U.S. Central Command includes the following information:
Completed payments to 500 additional Iraqi government ministry personnel. Also met with Ministry contractors and obtained a written contract for reconstruction of main Ministry building and 4 additional buildings.


Delivered $25,500 to the Karbala Minister of Health for renovation of the Al Hussein Hospital’s emergency room and general infrastructure, and to requisition a 2-month supply of sanitation and pollution testing chemicals.


Monitored and provided security for the distribution of bonuses to the Headmasters of the Al Kut schools. An estimated 6,574 teachers received their $30 bonuses Thursday, for a total of $197,000.


Made final arrangements for the shipment of 4,000 soccer balls from Karachi, Pakistan. The shipment will fly to Kuwait (via Kuwait Air) but will require military ground transport from Kuwait to Baghdad. Nike has donated 4 x 40’ mil vans as part of the international effort to support youth sports within Iraq. The OCPA Youth Ministry has developed a distribution plan for the soccer balls.


Received $20 million to support payments for wheat harvest in Northern Iraq. Additionally, received $200,000 for the silos in four Northern Governates.
It is unclear which contracts are covering the above or if these are additional expenditures under the vague heading of "Iraqi assets" being used to assist Iraq's reconstruction.

By the way, the US Soccer Foundation is taking donations "to contribute to the purchase of basic soccer equipment for soccer and youth clubs and schools in Iraq. Visit for more info.

Tracking the contracts is starting to get more difficult. Motorola, who won a contract to set up a radio communications network for Iraqi security and coalition forces in Baghdad, is now a subcontractor to WorldCom. And Research Triangle Institute (RTI International), in turn, has hired Creative Associates as a subcontractor. Creative Associates won a contract to oversee the Revitalization of Iraqi Schools and Stabilization of Education (RISE), which involves upgrading schools, restocking classrooms and training teachers.

Global Research
has a list of the officials who are involved in running Iraq. It includes links and brief bios as well as industry connections. It's a good overview for names.

Bpost is trying to update the current information on Halliburton. We will be posting it soon.


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