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Tuesday, January 20

catch up

Sick computer. We have a large back log of articles to post. Here we go.

MSNBC carried an article from the AP, Firm allowed to increase shipments without cost data
The Army has allowed Halliburton to increase the supplies of fuel delivered to Iraq without giving the usual data to justify its cost, a spokesman said Tuesday.
Another AP article on Halliburton, Despite Probe, Halliburton Gets Contract
Despite a Pentagon probe into alleged overcharging for fuel delivered to Iraq, the Army awarded Vice President Dick Cheney's former company a contract Friday to rebuild Iraq's oil industry.

Halliburton won a competitive bid to rebuild the oil industry in southern Iraq, a contract worth up to $1.2 billion over two years, the Army Corps of Engineers said in a statement.

The Army gave Halliburton subsidiary KBR a no-bid contract to rebuild oil infrastructure throughout Iraq shortly after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq last March. The Army opened that contract for competitive bids last fall and split it into one for northern Iraq and one for southern Iraq.

The northern Iraq contract, worth up to $800 million, went to a joint venture of California-based Parsons Corp. and the Australian firm Worley Group Ltd.
According to this article, Aussie firm shares in $1bn Iraq contract Australian company, Worley Group, owns a 45% share in the consortium handling the new contract.

The Shaw Group Awarded Contract with Potential Value Of $1.5 Billion Supporting The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa
The Shaw Group Inc. today announced that its newly formed joint venture, Shaw CENTCOM Services, LLC (Shaw CS), was awarded a contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Transatlantic Programs Center. Shaw CS, consisting of Shaw, Al-Khudhairy Group, Kharafi National, and NESMA will provide the full range of design-build and construction-related services within the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR) which includes 25 nations located throughout the Horn of Africa, South and Central Asia, the Northern Red Sea regions, the Arabian Peninsula and Iraq.

The indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract has a one-year base with a monetary ceiling of $500 million. The contract also includes four one-year options with a $250 million ceiling per year. Task orders under this contract cover a wide range of planning, engineering, and design in conjunction with construction, repair, renovation, restoration, and maintenance and operation services. The contracts will support U.S. military operations, other U.S. government agencies and friendly foreign governments under established agreements.
This contract looks very similar to the one recently announced for Washington Group International, Inc.


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