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Saturday, January 31

what's in a name

US-Led Group Wins Iraq Security Contract
Nour USA, a privately held U.S.-led consortium, has won a $327 million contract to supply Iraq's new armed forces and the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps with equipment, the U.S. military said on Saturday.


Nour, based in Vienna, Virginia, was set up specifically to bid for business in postwar Iraq and has previously won an $18 million contract to provide security in the country.

Nour's partners include HAIFinance, a private equity group based in the United States, and Jordan-based conglomerate Munir Sukhtian Group.
Website for Nour USA.

MSNBC ran an article on contractors in Iraq, Iraq contracts: Making introductions, in October that mentioned Nour USA.
Yet, outside Washington, a company set up only in May — Nour USA — is already in the door. This summer, Nour hired the lobbying company run by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen and soon afterwards a joint venture Nour set up with another company won a contract worth up to $80 million over two years.
Anyone who thinks the contracts are being awarded objectively must be incredibly naive.

PS $18 million vs $80 million: we'll see if we can track down the contracts.


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