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Wednesday, February 18

coinky dinks

Reuters has an article on our friends over at Fluor Corporation. Fluor Lands Iraq Deal to Restore Power
Engineering and construction company Fluor Corp. on Tuesday said it has been awarded three projects by the U.S. government worth $154 million to restore power in Iraq.

The Aliso Viejo, California, company said the task orders from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were granted as part of a contract, with a maximum value of $500 million for the first year, awarded last month to support U.S. military operations in hot spots from Iraq to Afghanistan.
Article in Forbes, Fluor bids on $4 bln in Iraq reconstruction
Fluor Corp Inc., a key player in rebuilding Iraq, has bid on $4 billion in government contracts and sees the potential to land up to $1 billion in new business there in the near term, the company's chief executive said on Wednesday.

Fluor, the largest publicly-traded U.S. engineering and construction company, bid this month on work in Iraq worth roughly $4 billion, Alan Boeckmann, Fluor chairman and chief executive, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.
James Woolsey's wife, Suzanne, was just appointed to the Board of Directors of Fluor. Think that's having an effect?

Meanwhile, Fluor is busy busy busy with other work too. Fluor Awarded Barracks Construction Work in Iraq
Fluor Corporation today announced that it is part of a team that has been awarded a task order to build a camp in Iraq for the U.S. Army. Fluor will act as a subcontractor to Readiness Management Support L.C. on the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program's (AFCAP) task order.

The camp will be built on an existing military base located outside of
Baghdad and will include housing for U.S. Army personnel, bunkers and utility infrastructure.
But hey, remember what Rumsfeld said? The US won't be building bases in Iraq. Ha ha ha.
"Any impression that is left, which [a New York Times article] left, that the United States plans some sort of a permanent presence in that country I think is a signal to the people of that country that is inaccurate and unfortunate, because we don't plan to function as an occupier," Rumsfeld said.

- April 21, 2003 Reuters, Rumsfeld: No Discussions of U.S. Bases in Iraq
Ha ha ha ha. Such a kidder that Rumsfeld.


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