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Sunday, February 15


P Glass passed on a link to the Iraqi Press Monitor. Looks interesting so far.
IWPR's Iraqi Press Monitor is a daily survey of the main stories in Iraq's newspapers.

It features the top 7 stories of the day, along with a political cartoon, and includes details of the newspapers they appear in.
Nokia secures mobile network deal in Iraq
Nokia has secured a deal for the setting up of a GSM mobile telephone network in the south of Iraq.
Iraq's interim administration has divided the country into northern, central, and southern areas, each of which are initially getting one mobile operator. The initial operating licences will be in force for just two years.
Nokia will deliver the network to Atheer Telecom, which is owned by the Kuwaiti mobile operator MTC. The network will cover the city of Basra, and will extend to the outskirts of Baghdad.
No numbers.


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