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Saturday, February 28

pay out

From Reuters U.S. Pays Informant Reward for Saddam's Sons
The informant who helped lead the U.S. military to ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's two sons has been paid most of a $30 million reward for the tip-off, the State Department said on Saturday.
Brief mention of Armorgroup in an editorial Privatizing peace and security: A Hobbesian dilemma
[...] the British-American firm Armorgroup recently paid an ex-Special Forces soldier $150,000 a year to protect a senior member of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.
Here's a group you should check out: Campaign to Stop the War Profiteers

Gee, even with a friend of Chalabi's on the board and William Cohen lobbying for them....the Nour contract is on hold--albeit temporarily--Losers' Protests Result in Halt to Iraq Contract
The Army said Thursday that it had halted work on a $327-million contract to equip the new Iraqi army after two losing bidders lodged formal protests against the deal.

The U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq awarded the contract last month to a U.S. consortium led by Nour USA, a Virginia-based company that the protesters say does not have sufficient experience and offered an unrealistically low bid.


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