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Saturday, February 21


Based on a report from Iraq Revenue Watch, an article in the Boston Globe, Iraqis said to OK new airline
The Iraqi interim government, in a backroom no-bid deal, has sold much of the country's air industry to a Jordanian firm and a prominent Iraqi family, according to a watchdog group.

A contract for the creation of a new Iraqi airline and related services was negotiated and signed in December without the knowledge of US authorities in Iraq, according to a report by New York-based Iraq Revenue Watch. Such a transaction could intensify suspicion in Iraq that postwar reconstruction is being controlled by a handful of large foreign companies and prominent Iraqi clans that have dominated the nation's economy for generations. Rend Al-Rahim, Iraq's ambassador to the United States, said she was unfamiliar with the Iraq Revenue Watch report but acknowledged resentment among ordinary Iraqis with the way the country's leading families are snatching a growing share of postwar business.
The Iraqi interim government is simply copying what the US has been doing all along. Surprised?



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