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Saturday, March 6

nour out

The Nour contract has been cancelled according to an article in the LA Times, Coalition Cancels Iraq Contract by T. Christian Miller
Acknowledging "irregularities" in its contracting process, the U.S.-led occupation authority in Iraq on Friday canceled a $327-million deal to equip the Iraqi army. The contract had been awarded to a fledgling Virginia company with limited military supply experience.

The U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority, which had previously suspended the deal with Nour USA, decided to toss out the contract. The authority will start from scratch in its effort to equip 40,000 Iraqi soldiers to eventually replace U.S. troops, possibly delaying the project by weeks.
Good for the CPA.

The LATimes also reports that the previous 17 bidders will have the opportunity to bid again. U.S. to Reopen Iraq Contract to 17 Bidders
After complaints, the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq decided to reopen competition to all 17 original bidders for a contract to equip the Iraqi army. Last month, the authority suspended the award to Nour USA, a firm formed in May with no arms supply experience.
Short article on Multimedia Ltd in Australia who was awarded a contract for satellite services a while back. Not much new info but we know some of you are specificly interested in the communications contracts. Aussie firm homes in on Iraq contract
The founder of Multiemedia Ltd believes it was a combination of skill and luck that led to his small Australian technology company winning a lucrative contract with the US military in Iraq.
More communications related contracts. No numbers reported. LogicaCMG wins Iraqi contract
LogicaCMG says that it has been chosen to provide an all-IP Next Generation Messaging solution, which includes a Short Messaging Service Centre, to Atheer Telecommunications in southern Iraq. LogicaCMG now supplies Next Generation Messaging to two of the three GSM service providers in Iraq.

LogicaCMG won the contract after intensive work with MTC Kuwait. Atheer Telecommunications, part of the MTC group of companies, one of the largest mobile operators in the Middle East, is a consortium of MTC and DTC.


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