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Wednesday, June 18

halliburton task orders

The following information on Task Orders issued for work by Halliburton under the March 8 Implementation Contract was posted on June 13, 2003 at USACE.
Task Order 1: Train and advise for safe shut-down, oil spill equipment propositioning and damage assessment: $14.7 million (Initially $34M)

Task Order 2: Design for quick repair of oil facilities: $1.7 million

Task Order 3: Damage assessment, fire fighting and repairs for $87.8 million (Initially $36.9M)

Task Order 4: Construction of base camp facilities for workers for $16.3 million

Task Order 5: Preserve distribution capability and fuel distribution support including repairs of fuel product distribution systems, procurement and transportation of refined products to support the Iraqi refining and distribution organizations in order to meet the domestic demand for fuels for power production, domestic humanitarian use within Iraq for $93.4 million. (This amount will change because the amounts of gasoline and LPG needed are not finalized. The total amount of gasoline and LPG needed is directly tied to how quickly Iraq can restart the oil system production.)
Unfortunately dates are not included in the above list. The following clarification is also included at the USACE website.
The total NTE amount for the contract is, as of 13 June 2003, $213,786,000. The TO amounts may incrementally increase or decrease. For example: if not all the money put against TO3, for example, is needed and the cost rises for TO5, the extra money in TO3 may be shifted. Even the NTE amount may change if work is increased or if additional funding is provided.


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